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Ancient Epidaurus has also to offer a variety of activities. All you need is to have time, positive mood, and be active.



You have the possibility of hiking in beautiful and full of green trails, passing by paths, monuments of culture in ancient times


Agricultural Exhibition

An agricultural exhibition with local products is organized in July and August in the beautiful port village of Ancient Epidaurus.


Live like a farmer

There is a real farm, with olive trees, vegetable garden, and all the comforts for spiritual and agricultural vacations. Our family deals with the agricultural sector, so you can join us and live a period like real farmers. Take care of and gather the fruits for which you worked.


Cultural Nights

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus hosts performaces every summer, in the weekends of July and August, as part of the Greek Festival. These performances are mostly ancient Greek drama. Few other theatre performances, musical concerts and lectures are hosted in the Little Theatre of Epidaurus, in the port village of Ancient Epidaurus.



Ancient Epidaurus is especially suited for paragliding, also known as ‘parapente’, due to its favorable climate and terrain conditions. Paragliding pilots can enjoy their favorite sport by starting from the top of the hills and ending up on a nearby beach.


Scuba Diving

You’ll find the start of the sunken city about 50m off-shore. It lies in about 10m of water, although some places are more shallow. You can snorkel over the remains of both square and round buildings of the ancient city.

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